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Club 33 Sign Inspired Wall Clock (Theme Park Prop Inspired Replica Plaque)

  • $49.99

Club 33 Sign Inspired Wall Clock (Theme Park Prop Inspired Replica Plaque)! It is made out of an eco-friendly thermoplastic. This is a working wall clock, not just a decorative item. It requires 1 AA battery to operate. Each piece is hit with a glossy finish to preserve the color. The clock is approximately 9.5 inches in diameter. The thickness is approximately 0.5 inches. Hanging is done via a metal hook on the back. Each piece is custom fabricated.

Note: This is an open face clock (exposed hands) and thus there is no safe method to ship the clock with the hands attached as they are made from a delicate punched metal. The clock comes full assembled, with the exception of the hands. They will come in a small protective box with instructions on how to attach them. Attaching the hands takes less than 2 minutes and we are always here to answer questions should you have any. We hope you understand that we do this to ensure a safe arrival of your item! :)

Want that stand with your purchase? We also sell that as an available add-on. Please select this from the drop down tab above.
I am in no way affiliated with Disney and this is not official merchandise, merely fan created content.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

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